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August 28, 2009



I saw this at the Show and I commented to you as I loved it so much. What about the 'Cross-Over Dress'. Very cute and I just love that big button.

s smith

Cross-my-heart dress?

Cass Ward

Looks great Marina


Such a gorgeous dress - love the bias on it.


That is a cute dress


So cute! I'd call it a Button Wrap dress although I can't really tell if there is much wrapping involved or if the button is essential to said wrapping. I just like the bright, bold button. Or maybe it could be a signature Wink dress?


That's a really cute dress. Love the button too!


I absolutely love your pattern!

It does remind me of those little dresses babies up to 3 months old wear here in Portugal, regardless if they are boys or girls.

Great job! I'd love to understand how you came up with it... if you feel ok to share, of course!


Hi Concha and thanks for your comments. How interesting: I didn't know that this type of dress is a typical Portuguese style of baby wear. The dress which inspired me to make it was one that came from France. I drew the pattern myself after experimenting with some different shapes, just by looking at the original dress. Nothing very technical! I used a size 1 dress of a different style to compare armholes, necklines and length because the original dress was for a 6 month old baby and was too small. I've made another one which I'll post on my blog soon.


On 05/09/2009, at 9:24 PM, typepad@sixapart.com wrote:

hair clips

I'll go with cross-over dress. =)
It's beautiful.

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