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March 02, 2009


jennifer w.

I could see (just for the sake of argument) maybe if it was one of the O&S patterns for sale, but since it is one of the free patterns, I really don't know why somebody would even bother. Furthermore, I think your concept of using a fat quarter (and now two) in its entirety is the appeal of your pattern.

There are any number of simple patterns online that pre-date mainstream craft bloggers' interpretations of those ideas through "tutorials" (making and applying bias tape come to mind). You don't see those folks crying foul. I'm sorry that somebody felt the need to try and call you out on this.


Love the fabric you have used. I wouldn't stress about the comment - I think everyone knows there are only so many ways to make elastic waisted skirts. I used to make skirts for myself just like that - selvege to selvege as a teenager - wish I could make them now and fit into them!


how cowardly is that!I always figure if you are going to make accusations then at least be brave enough to back them up.

the skirt is gorgeous and I amjust a little sad that my 10 y.o. wouldn't fit it :-(


That person is just silly! Good for you, I loved your first skirt, and now I love your new skirt!


For beginner sewers like me - tutorials like yours are just invaluable. Its such a wonderful thing to find creative people who are willing to share their time and experience for free! I hate to think that you might be put off from sharing your ideas because someone cant tell the difference between two different skirts! Just know that the overwhelming majority of readers appreciate your efforts!

Cass Ward

I don't really think anyone can claim copyright on an elastic waist skirt, I'm sure they've been around a lot longer than any of us!


Oh good on you!! Belinda and I were talking about this today but you are a better blogger than I and have posted.I am still simmering and saving it for later.I love the blue /green skirt.Looking forward to seeing you both at Mathildas. : ) Clare


Are they serious?


Some people have a little too much time on their hands don't you think? There are only so many ways to make a skirt - nothing really is original!
On a brighter note, the fabrics you have used for this skirt are so beautiful I love them!


Well done you.


Don't let stuff like this get to you! Some people just don't have anything better to do. Just keep on sewing and posting.


Great post and beautiful fabric combinations.

I could relate to someone claiming copying if the design was complicated, but you can't get much simpler than an elastic waist skirt.

What sets yours apart are fabric and trim choices, lovely colour combinations and beautiful execution. As far as those criteria go, your skirts are some of the prettiest around.


Hi, Well cowardly to say the least to not let you email them and point out the differences. But this post brought me to your blog which I will post a link to on my blog so that I can keep up with you.


Norma in NZ

the elastic waisted skirt has been around for donkeys years, so I don't think that anyone can claim a copyright on it. Yours skirts are lovely!


What a waste of time this person has caused you! How on earth does one come up with an "new" idea for an elastic waist skirt pattern!!! AND why would you have any interest in copying one??? I understand your feeling the need to defend yourself for peace-of-mind, but there isn't a need really.
You do a service by offering lovely free tutorials and those of us who do are the ones most at risk of copyright infringement.
Keep up the good work. I LOVE your blue and green skirt and I want to raid your stash big time - too bad it's far away :(


oh man what a loser! I hate the anonymous comments that aren't very nice!

hope you've moved on! you're better than them...obviously!!!!!


Kathryn - Mama Loves to Shop

Well, that's all a bit silly really, isn't it. I was making selvedge to selvedge skirts before I'd even heard of the term blog...for that matter I'm sure my mother made them for me over 30 years ago!
Good luck, I love the fat quarter skirts.

Brenda Massey

Long years ago this skirt used to be called a A-line skirt. I made them when I was a lot younger, the only difference to these are they are smaller and have elastic in the waist, which I used in mine for a simpler skirt. The above reader is right...they do not have a Copy Right to this, so anyone can make it and sell it if they would like.

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