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November 17, 2008



what a fun idea for kiddies storage! I love your pattern pieces box, looks great!

Lisa Badalamenti

I also decided to make one for myself for sewing pattern storage using the Alexander Henry "Perfect Pattern" print I love this fabric - such a simple yet genius design!. I'd seen the fabric in various online shops but it sells out quickly.


Thanks for the great tutorial.
These will make great end-of-year gifts.
Andi :-)


That pattern pieces pattern box is fabulous!
And the kiddy storage ones are cute too. I think I will have to try these out as Christmas gifts.


So just to check that I understand the instruction right... is it just the sides that are covered and not the bottom?


This is FABULOUS! I need to make about 100 and I'll finally be organized. =) I'll be linking to this.


How have I not stumbled on your blog before? It's amazing and I've added you to my top reads category!

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The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog, I didn't even see the link to your things you do. Keep coming up with ideas. Thank you for sharing!

bob shoemaker

Amazing tips the pattern pieces,pattern boxes is fabulous.Thanks for sharing.

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The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog, I didn't even see the link to your things you do.


Great tutorial. This is on my 'UFO' list now!

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Jo Johnson

I adore your storage ideas, it's just what I like to do myself, reuse items and bring them bang up to date and reusable again with just a little imagination. I will definetely be trying this with the boxes I no longer need.

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Thanks for the great tutorial. I will try to make it.

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So I can use a shoe box!That's cool!No w I can make one too ;)

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Oh, such good idea. Respect! =)

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