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November 16, 2009



I think that (baby bloomers) print might be from the Urban Chiks 'Swell' line. It's out of print, but I had a quick look at ebay and it comes up in the international sellers bit - http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NEW-Moda-Swell-Charm-in-Marshmallow-Fabric-Quilt-1-yd_W0QQitemZ310169386704QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_Fabric?hash=item4837893ed0

Cass Ward

Marina I think I have that fabric but it is in a blue and white. I'll bring it on Sunday and you can see if you want it or if it has selvedge info.

sweet emmelie

ooh i like that book alot


yes I got that book at dymocks and paid more than if I got it online! love the book, mind you they have a weird way of doing the dress on the front cover so I'm sticking to my way but I just love the use of great fabrics and colours in the book! I'm hoping to make a few of those hats!

I think its one of the nicest sewing books I own!



The print actually looks a lot like the shabby chic curtains I have from Target.


Yep, either Sussan is getting cooler, or I am getting older ;)

I didn't know they had a little crafty section. Even better! Looks like a great little book. I keep saying "I have enough craft books", but the list just gets longer!

Good luck with your singlirt by the way! From the looks of your blog, it is sure to be adorable!


Georgia is right the fabric is from the swell line. I am making a quilt for Kitty with it. I may have a few spare little pieces for you but not sure any of them will be big enough for the bloomers. I will send them your way anyway for you to play with. I just need to find them first!

wholesale clothing

lovely hat! it was fun to do so. I hope you will post some patterns of hats.


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